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All prices vary, to receive an accurate quote, please contact us.


These prices are per unit (track, episode, etc).


After the project has been delivered, we charge $25 per extra export & re-edit




Storyline Production $300 - 800

In storyline production, we provide various skillsets for outlining and planning your podcast episode at your disposal at a flat rate. This can be a collaborative effort or a product that we provide exclusively made by us. This package includes storyboarding, voice-over script writing, and structural outlining. You can provide us with ready-made audio footage or just an idea.


Comping $150 +

Comping is a very basic service, which can take a lot of time and that is reflected in the pricing. We use audio takes provided to us and cut and edit to make any script cuts, mistakes, off -script improv sound natural and seamless. Sometimes we listen to 3-5 takes of the same line from a script to use the best delivery and energy. This is a very big part of our service.




Custom Music $65/min of finished music - $100/min of finished music *

We can provide music for content! Give us moods, reference tracks, genres, and intention, and we will compose music for your video, online course, or podcast.


*per min of finished music – pricing varies based on what kind of music & how many instruments. This comes with 2 free edits, $25 per extra edit




Mixing $100 +


Mastering $50 +


We can make your audio sound crisp, clean, & professional. This service includes reducing background noise, de-essing, compression, and EQ. A lot of the audio we receive is recorded in living rooms, or bedrooms (acoustically untreated rooms) so we have a lot of experience in taking that audio and reducing room echo & background noise. Additionally, we Mix & Master to match the parameters that streaming services follow, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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