Being surround by such talented and genuine people gave me the first idea to create custom music. All content creators need music at some capacity in their journey, but finding music that resonates with their brand while being original is difficult. The main challenge that I noticed was that there was always something missing and there was always room to grow. The focus is, "How can I create music that reflects you on a personal level?"


A good friend of mine, Justin Michael Williams, came to me to record a 10-day meditation course for Insight Timer. We recorded vocals for all of the episodes in 4 hours and I spent the next two weeks comping, mixing, mastering, AND creating custom music based on the criteria that was given to me by Justin. Now with 4.8 stars and over 400 reviews, the course continues to grow. 


This isn’t just about the music but about how the music complements the content and impacts the audience as a whole. Your brand and your personality coming together with our music.

Our Music

Soulful Meditation

We all need some soul while we meditate. Click here to check out our soulful meditation tracks!

Lofi tracks

Inspired by producers like Dr Dre, J Dilla, and a sprinkle of James Blake, these tracks can be used for your podcasts or video content. Feel free to even turn this on while you do your chores at home. Guaranteed to make you feel at ease and focussed!

Ambient Meditation

Turn this on to get yourself in the meditation mood. No stress, no distractions, just some sonic vibrations to help you realign. These can be used for guided meditations and yoga studios.


Projects we have worked on -

Here's a growing list of clients that we have worked with and continue to work with. Feel free to check out the links we have provided to their pages!